Pathfinder Society Home Game

Session 0.c: What to do for the first session

I’ve posted a lot of info and links to a lot more, here’s a concise list of things to do for the first session:

1) Go to the Pathfinder Society section of, click the “Join Pathfinder Society and create a character!” link.

2) Create an account, it should give you a 6 digit PFS number which you should write down or print out the card. If it didn’t give you the PFS number already, click “My Account” up top and it should be displayed half way down.

3) Check out the Player Resources section, download and read (at least some of) the free PDF titled “Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play”.

4) If you want to build your own character prior to session 1, you may find some of the free PDF titled “Beginner Box PFS Character Creation Guide” helpful. It is also in the Player Resources section, as are character sheets to print out and get started.

5) If you do not wish to create your own character prior to session 1 that’s fine, it’s not the easiest thing to do with little to no familiarity with the game. I will have pregenerated characters available, or you can show up a little early and I’ll help you make a character.

6) Make yourself acquainted with the Player Reference Document, it is a great free resource. I would recommend sticking with the core rulebook at first but most of the other stuff is also legal to use for PFS.

7) Bring dice, paper, writing utensils, printed out info for reference, and any miniatures or other relevant RPG materials you already have. There are lots of game stores around here with dice sets and a wide variety of miniatures available. The pathfinder books are very nice but expensive, you don’t need to buy any but if you end up enjoying the game you may want to.

8) BYOB. Bring cash for pizza and I will be accepting donations for the scenario PDFs I have to buy for this.


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